It’s All The Cat’s Fault

it's all the cat's faultIt’s All The Cat’s Fault a classic variation of “the dog ate my homework” for cat lovers, perfect for getting children to read who hate homework. Another great creative commons book from Pratham / Storyweaver.

The dog ate his homework but why it is the cats fault? Read this story and witness the series of unfortunate events that unfolds uncovering the reason why it is the cats fault.

By: Anushka Ravishankar and Priya Kuriyan

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Text and sample images from It’s All The Cat’s Fault

it's all the cat's faultWhy haven’t you done your homework?
Miss, it’s all the cat’s fault.

If she had not got stuck on the tree, I would not have
taken the ladder to climb it.

If I had not taken the ladder to climb it, I would not have needed to fix it.
If I had not needed to fix it, I wouldn’t have woken up the baby.

it's all the cat's faultIf I had not woken up the baby, my mother would
not have rushed out of the kitchen.

If my mother had not rushed out of the kitchen,
the monkey would not have got in.

If the monkey had not got in, he would not have eaten up all the food.

If he had not eaten up all the food, my father would not have bought
rotis and chicken curry at the tea-shop

If my father had not bought rotis and chicken curry at the tea-shop, the
dog would not have followed him home.

it's all the cat's faultIf the dog had not followed him home, he would not have eaten my

So, you’re saying the dog ate your homework?

Yes, Miss, it’s all the cat’s fault!

<end of It’s all the Cat’s Fault>

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Read It’s All The Cat’s Fault in different versions below


C'est la faute du chat !C’est la faute du chat !

It’s All The Cat’s Fault French



¡Todo por culpa de la gata!¡Todo por culpa de la gata!

It’s All The Cat’s Fault in Spanish


hindi story सारी गलती उस 􀀊ब􀀌ली 􀀊क हैHindi सारी गलती उस बिल्ली कि है

a Hindi Story

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  • It’s interesting and easy for reading practice.

  • Danielle (Site Editor): You can also see some foreign language versions of this, here:

  • superdaregamer writes:
    funny crazy awesome

    Lauren writes:
    The boy do his homework because there was so much going on. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

    Mary writes:
    She really enjoyed the book I did too I love it

    Anton & Philip writes:
    We liked this book because it was funny and interesting! We mean very, very!

    Rachael writes:
    Great book to learn about blaming others and to remember to focus on ourselves and not others

    Harshi writes:
    Me and my little sister (harshi) read the book together and we had fun pretending to be the teacher(me) and she would be the student….this helped make her reading much better.-By Honey Editor: what a great way to practice reading Honey and Harshi, thanks for sharing!

    baba akhil writes:
    i like the book

    Elisa writes:
    enjoyable and interesting story to share with young kids

    Kevin writes:
    I’m seven and I loved it!

    Jared writes:
    it was funny my favourite part was when the monkey got it

  • Kim writes:
    So cute! Really enjoyed it

    Joshua torres writes:
    Good read for a 1st grader.

    mauricio arroyo writes:
    Best should read it

    tallul… writes:
    I think it was really funny in parts. it was funny when it turned out the cat did it.

    Lachie writes:
    I think it was cute as.


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