My Precious Baby Dear

my precious baby dearWhat are all the new things a baby will learn when they come into the world? My Precious Baby Dear helps us remember, and reminds us what is most important, a lovely book for babies, toddlers, and children learning to read.

By: Andrea Elder



Images from My Precious Baby Dear

My Precious Baby Dear

My Precious Baby Dear

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Comments 2

  • I love it good for kids and funny rhymes to me

  • Beryle writes:
    It was a okay book. I thought it was kind of funny and boring. Sorry. I liked it and it was okay. Cool book for 4 year olds. I’m eight.

    Aliiezzyq writes:
    Oh Amelia!We are soolooooo soolooo soolooo overwhelmed by these images! Thank you so much for capturing our little family in such a perfect way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.Jim and Melissa Dudek

    lorine writes:
    Great way to teach kids love it

    Garcia Family writes:
    I think Olivia was around 2 when we got a hold of this very special book. It’s still on her bookshelf at 4 years old and still one of her favorite night time reads. Now we are reading shorter stories as she is learning to read and this one os perfect for sight words too!! Love this <3

    Tyler Hardy writes:
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to share your book, the kids love them and are excited when we read them.

    Dimitrichka writes:
    very suitable for training children in pre-school group

    Tom writes:
    good one


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