whos the prettiest

Who’s the Prettiest – A little girl has seven dresses, one for each day of the week and one for each colour of the rainbow. But, all the dresses argue about who is the prettiest. They cannot even stand to be next to each other in the closet or on the washing line. What will …

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Twinklinka is the prettiest doll in the toy store. Surely she will find a great home. However every time a sweet child comes into the toy store she finds some reason to hide. Waiting for the perfect child does she perhaps wait too long? Eventually she finds a home. Will it be the home of her dreams? …

a fish with a wish

A Fish with a Wish – If you only had one wish to make, would you change your life, or would you change someone else’s? Can a Goldfish find happiness in his dreary surroundings? Trapped in a tiny glass tank, a miserable goldfish makes it perfectly clear how disappointed he is with life. A series …

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the witch's daughter

The Witch’s Daughter – While trying everything she can think of to make herself beautiful, the witches daughter discovers the secret of beauty is really about how you act. This story explains an important lesson about what is real beauty, and the importance of being kind to others. Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi     Text and Images from The Witch’s …

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the hero of the mountain

Hero of the mountain – Bubu the fox travels to see a contest ‘The Hero of the Mountain’ along the way he learns what it means to be a true hero. By: Ivan Parvov This book is also available in Greek, Arabic, German, Bulgarian and many other languages at the author’s website –   Sample …

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turtle trouble children's book

Turtle Trouble – Telling the truth, or covering up? That’s what our little character in this story is mulling over. A short story told from a child’s perspective, aimed at teaching children hows and whys of good behaviour, and why it is always best to tell the truth. Amy Upshaw and Salem de Bezenac, Illustrated …

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seesaw a sad story

Seesaw – A Sad Story – A poignant, symbolic account of a boy coming to terms with sadness. He is bullied into cutting off his ears, only to find there is much bigger things in the world than people’s hurtful comments. For older children (contains some sensitive material). By: Henrique Komatsu     Text and Images …

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in open sea

In Open Sea – Bubu’s back in another amazing tale. When Bubu finds a bottle in the sea with a call for help inside it is clear for everyone – a new adventure awaits. And this time he is not alone – his friends Oskar and Rico are coming with him.What lies ahead? Fearful sharks…a …

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A House For A Mouse

A House For A Mouse – Two mice, Whiskers and Cheesepuff, discover humans have moved into their house. After evading traps, they eventually find an amicable solution through learning to be giving. By: Rebecca Westberg   Read along with the story, read by Kiwi Opa See more of books about animals below    

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what is love

What is Love describes all the cool parts of love, how love makes you want to do stuff for others, and how love is beyond not feeling like it. Another great book from icharacter with some important lessons. By: Agnes and Salem De Bezenac     See more books from the Author below    

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