A Fish with a Wish

Author: Ethan Crownberry

Text and Image from A Fish with a Wish

Some time ago, in an awfully gray room,
in a corner so dark and so filled up with gloom,
on a table just barely four legs and a plank,
sat one gallon of water in a tiny glass tank.
And inside that water a goldfish was swimming,
pondering glumly the life he was living.
And in that glass tank on that old wobbly table
is where we begin this odd fish-wishy fable.


For the fish had been brought home from the pet store that day,
and was dropped in his tank in a most unpleasant way.
He’d been bought by a man as a gift for his daughter—
bought with no more than one thin, shiny quarter,
then carried home quickly in a small bag of water.



And now the fish was unhappy. He was far, far from glad.
He was quite disappointed, and growing quite mad.
For the water all around him was cloudy and cold,
and the table beneath him was eighty years old.
“How mean to have put me in such a tight place,”
said the fish with an awful fish frown on his face.
“Thank goodness I’m small and not big like a trout,”
he huffed one more time as he pouted about.


<end of sample>

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Comments 4

  • Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful book

  • Danielle (editor) writes:
    Very sweet book, the rhyme flows well, and the tale is very entertaining yet poignant, illustrating the importance of real values in a subtle way.

    Jason writes:
    Great story, sad with a twist to teach some real values. Just the kind of story to teach our youth about helping others. I already recommended it to others. Thank you for sharing it with us. Sincerely, Jason, Thane,& Braxton

    Thamarasi writes:
    A seemingly simple yet, an amazingly touching story conveying a deeper meaning about life & selflessness.

    Wendy writes:
    Wow. I could barely read this story to my little girl for the tears running down my face. Beautiful and yet clever and whimsical, at the same time.

    Peggy writes:
    I truly enjoyed your story. I am looking forward to reading it to my grandchildren tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. This book I excellent for all ages.

    Arianna writes:
    This is a great story. I downloaded it for my daughter but found myself eager to get to the next page.

    EmilyD. writes:
    This book is great I ,loved it i also loved the part where you put tha fish frowen LOL!!!!!thank you for letting little kids enjoy you book GOD BLESS YOU!XOXOXO

    jaiwanth writes:
    superb book.i enjoyed so much reading it .thanks for uploading this book.

    Gino Paulo Lopez writes:
    This simple book teaches a rare value nowadays: selflessness. The author is brilliant.

    Courtney Jones writes:
    This is a wonderful story!!The moral to this story is beautifully disguised! This story reminds me of the scripture: “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” ~Philippians 4:11 Thank you for blessing my spirit and for reminding me of the Word of God that keeps us daily! May the peace of God be with you always!

    Danielle (site editor) writes:
    Just read this book again to my kids and it was by chance so perfect timing for the lesson I/we needed, I cannot thank you enough. Happy writing. Dan.

    Danielle (site editor) writes:
    I agree with Courtney, this is such a powerful message “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” I read this to my children again last week, one of who was complaining, why can’t I have this, why can’t I have that, I wish I had this, I wish I had that. The lesson in the book was so perfectly timed for us, and I love the way it is told. Not sure if it sunk in, but I am sure a small part did, it all helps- Thanks

    Ethan!! writes:
    Adorable story about sacrificing for others.

  • This is one of my favourite books on the site, it’s got lots of rhyme and imagination, and such a special message: about gratitude, and about giving, I’m reading this at Christmas time and I am so thinking how important this message is especially at this time.


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