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The Best Christmas Gift

the best christmas gift

The Best Christmas Gift brings us another wonderful adventure from Bubu, the small fox with a big heart. This time, it’s Christmas, and Bubu helps Santa with an important task. A very sweet and beautifully illustrated children’s story, with a nice moral to help children learn about values and rules. Many other Languages available at …


A Calming Manatee

calming manatee

A Calming Manatee is about being beautiful, and more importantly what real beauty is. It is about how it’s more important what you think of yourself than what others think of you. It’s also about how important it is to be kind. The book is aimed at teaching young children about loving themselves and others, …


What Money Can Buy

What Money Can Buy – Teach your children the real value of money, and how sometimes the poorest of us can be very rich, while the richest very poor. Happiness and quality are of course independent of money always!       See more books like what money can buy below    


Bed Making Blues

bed making blues

Bed Making Blues Children often don’t want to do stuff they think is too hard, like making their bed, Mum helps remind someone that chores are necessary, and the quicker we get better at them the easier they are. Another great story with values from I-Character. By: Agnes and Salem De Bezenac   Text and Images …


Seesaw – A Sad Story

seesaw a sad story

Seesaw – A Sad Story – A poignant, symbolic account of a boy coming to terms with sadness. He is bullied into cutting off his ears, only to find there is much bigger things in the world than people’s hurtful comments. For older children (contains some sensitive material). By: Henrique Komatsu     Text and Images …


The Witch’s Daughter

the witch's daughter

The Witch’s Daughter – While trying everything she can think of to make herself beautiful, the witches daughter discovers the secret of beauty is really about how you act. This story explains an important lesson about what is real beauty, and the importance of being kind to others. Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi     Text and Images from The Witch’s …