A Calming Manatee

The book is written in the open dyslexic font for struggling and dyslexic readers. The words are simple and will suit an emerging reader, however they are also very powerful and will be perfect to discuss with an older child, or for an older sibling to read to a younger one.

Each page of text has an endearing photo of a manatee on it to capture the attention of the young future marine biologists.

Text from A Calming Manatee


I’m a manatee.

I’m the most calming creature in the sea.

I’ve also been called the ugliest creature in the sea.*

*Rudyard Kipling – The White Seal

But that depends… On who you talk to.

I like the way I look just fine!

And it’s far more important how I feel about myself;

And how others feel about themselves;

Than how others feel about me!

I know I’m a bit chubby.

But I always have a true smile.

And that makes me cute.

I know I am calm and caring.

And that’s more important…

Everyone has an opinion.

Make sure yours counts!

Next time before you say something unkind about someone else;

Think about me,

and say something kind instead.

I’m a calming Manatee,

And I’m here,

to help you see,

that you can be,

as kind as me.

…It’s free!

About A Calming Manatee

A Calming Manatee was inspired by the need to help inspire children to be kind to each other, and the fact that Manatees are considered both the ugliest and the cutest sea mammal, at the same time. They are also incredibly gentle giants, and their calm exterior, and gentle smile, is mimicked by their friendly vegetarian behavior.  Similar in appearance but totally different in behaviour from cousins the elephant seal, the Manatee is truly inspiring.  This book is aimed at fostering that same caring, kindness, anti-bullying, non-discrimining behaviour, and respect for inner beauty in young children.

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