Bed Making Blues

By: Agnes and Salem De Bezenac


Text and Images from Bed Making Blues

Mom, I don’t
like making my

It takes me
so long and it’s
too difficult.

Can you make it
for me, please?”

<end of samples>


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Comments 4

  • it great

  • Hannah writes:
    I loved the book I think I might start making my bed.

    Ha Thi writes:
    Very nice, I love the book

    Liudmila writes:
    Lovely! Thank you!

    Latia writes:
    I like the book so much

    Chloe Chan writes:
    This story tells about us to try and do things by ourselves and we do not get our parents do all things for us.A girl,called Kay,did not like making her bed so she asked her Mum to do it.But,her Mum had many things to do so she decided to change job with Kay while she was making Kay’s bed.Kay said that she could served her breakfast but she had already done it so Mum said if she made Kay’s bed then Kay should make Mum’s bed or Kay could do the breakfast dishes or the laundry for Mum.Then,Kay decided that she would make her bed because she could practice doing it so that Mum and Kay could enjoy it together.

    Kanika G writes:
    My 2 year old really likes this, especially since it is presented as a dialogue.

    Tamir writes:
    Awesome book

    Kenzie writes:
    I like that the little girl made her bed herself.


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