That Worked! – Solving sibling rivalry

solving sibling rivalry independentlyThat Worked! – Solving sibling rivalry – Did you ever have a problem with your younger brother or sister? Need a solution that really works? Want to solve the problem yourself? This book will help…..My little sister keeps grabbing the toys I want, what can I do? Should I yell to my Mom for help, or just grab the toy off my sister, or should try to find out what I can do that will work for us both? Mom would be really happy then. This book will help you help your children learn about good behaviour choices, with lots of opportunities for interactive lessons on the way.

By: Salem and Agnes de Bezenac

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  • Danielle (editor) writes:
    Loved the book – had lovely illustrations, and great opportunities to teach important lessons, also I like the length, it suits my daughter’s attention span. Thanks!

    Ana Brown writes:
    Thank you for this book my boys have the same problem they could relate to it.

    Leandro writes:
    I think this book has a great history for children. Very original facts and good solutions. I also liked that illustrations and how the history turned out.

    Cordeliah writes:
    I really love this book it really help my child thank you for publishing these books

    blanch writes:
    I like it a lot I’m a teacher and I think it is suitable for kindergarten to teach morals

    Kanch writes:
    Very nice Book. colourful. Thank you very much.

    Aylin GOKHAN writes:
    I like this book, its fun.

    RAMIAH writes:
    I’m 15 and I absouloutly love these books there very cute and I read them everyday I love great even for older kids

    maddy writes:
    that was a nice book


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