That Worked! – Solving sibling rivalry

By: Salem and Agnes de Bezenac

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  • Danielle (editor) writes:
    Loved the book – had lovely illustrations, and great opportunities to teach important lessons, also I like the length, it suits my daughter’s attention span. Thanks!

    Ana Brown writes:
    Thank you for this book my boys have the same problem they could relate to it.

    Leandro writes:
    I think this book has a great history for children. Very original facts and good solutions. I also liked that illustrations and how the history turned out.

    Cordeliah writes:
    I really love this book it really help my child thank you for publishing these books

    blanch writes:
    I like it a lot I’m a teacher and I think it is suitable for kindergarten to teach morals

    Kanch writes:
    Very nice Book. colourful. Thank you very much.

    Aylin GOKHAN writes:
    I like this book, its fun.

    RAMIAH writes:
    I’m 15 and I absouloutly love these books there very cute and I read them everyday I love great even for older kids

    maddy writes:
    that was a nice book


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