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special painterTeo, the Special Painter, loves to draw. His mom and dad are painters. But his right hand is missing fingers, how will he manage to paint? Find out how Teo solves this problem in a unique way and makes beautiful pictures.

This beautifully illustrated book from Room to Read helps discuss differences, disabilities, and how to overcome them.

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Author: Dương Ngọc Tú Quỳnh, Illustrators: Nguyễn Minh Hải, 

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Text from The Special Painter

Teo loves to draw! Teo’s mom is a painter. Teo’s dad is an art teacher.
Teo’s right hand is missing fingers, but he dreams of being a painter and wants to draw beautiful pictures.

Teo’s mom enrols him in a class at the children’s centre.

special painter

The teacher asks the class to draw a zoo.

The students are excited.

Na wants to paint peacocks.
Ti loves drawing cats.
Bin wants to draw a polar bear.

Hoa is curious. “Which one do you want to draw?” she asks Teo.
“I want to draw all of them!” says Teo.

Ti is sharpening pencils. “Will you use the paint brushes or the pencils?” he asks.
“I will use both,” says Teo.

Bin takes out the colour box and asks, “will you draw with your left hand?”
Teo is confused. “I will try to draw with both hands.”

Na blends the colours.
“Which colours will you use?” she asks.
“I will use all of them!” says Teo happily.

But Teo cannot hold a brush in his right hand because he does not have fingers.
It keeps slipping off.

Teo tries to draw a chicken first.
But soon, his hand is splattered with colours

special painter


Teo has an idea!

Teo feels like giving up.
Suddenly, he spots a funny shape on his palm.
The spot on his hand looks like a chick!

Teo paints his hand brown. He giggles.

“Now I will draw with my hand,” he says.

Teo places his hand
on the corner of the paper.

He smiles and adds a few brown spots.
Look, it’s a cute puppy!

Teo makes two more yellow marks with his hand and his arm.

Then he adds orange dots to them.

Next, Teo paints his foot brown and steps on the paper.

He draws a few lines.
How cool! An adorable bear appears.

Teo continues to paint
his heels blue and pink,
and stamps them on the page.special painter

A few lines more, and colourful birds appear on the paper.

“The train that takes us around the zoo is missing,” says Teo.
“Does anyone want to draw it with me?”

This is the coolest class ever!
Together the kids paint a wonderful picture.

<End of text from A Special Painter>

Download or read online the full free picture book, A Special Painter on the buttons below the post.

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