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Sample Text from Wilbur the Lost Whale ( free marine conservation picture book )

There once lived a whale called Wilbur. Although he was ENORMOUS, Wilbur felt so small in the deep blue sea, because he was lost and all alone.
When he was a baby whale, Wilbur travelled the entire ocean with his mother. They’d travel from warm, tropical waters to the icy cold depths of Antarctica to meet their family. The oceans were bursting with life!

“I have to find my family,” thought Wilbur. “Maybe one of my friends on the coral reef knows where they are!”

Coral reefs are bustling underwater cities, full of permanent residents like butterfly fish, and visitors like rays.
Every fish on the reef has its own specific job which helps the community to thrive!

When Wilbur was young he used to love playing with all his friends on the reef.
He’d play fin-chase with feisty trigger fish…

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