Fish out of Water



Text from Fish out of Water

red fish weird fish
blue fish new fish
fish in a boat
fish can float
(fish on a lilo?)
green fish
clean fish
fish on a train
fish in a plane
yellow fish
cello fish
very mellow fish
fish in a tree
fish having tea
fish for you and me

end of sample – Fish out of Water

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Comments 2

  • I think it’s great and fun way for beginner readers! Also it’s quite colourful!

  • kanika writes:
    Lovely illustrations

    Danielle (Site Editor) writes:
    Thanks Kanika! I’m still not too sure about some of them, but others I had sitting around for years waiting for a book, and I just liked them so much I had to do something with them. I’m glad I did as already had two emails and your comment!!! Cute for young children I hope. Cello fish is a new favourite. Hopefully one day I have the time and patience to improve on them.

    kian writes:
    i like how you said the color and what they are on


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