The Girl Who Saw God

By: Henrique Komatsu



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Comments 3

  • Good story.
    (however punctuation of speech is incorrect. Full-stops should be place inside closing inverted commas – rather annyoying as children are expected to punctuate speech correctly – this will just confuse them. )

  • Simple message for curious little minds.

  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    A beautiful story, well written, and I like the illustrations, they really appeal to me, I can’t wait for my daughter to read it.

    Nagesh writes:
    Simply Superb, Great philosophy in simple words.

    Sanghita writes:
    The story is amazing! the illustrations are nice, though there is a spelling mistake in page 14 “Aloud she though”

    Cindy writes:
    This is perfect for my grand daughter

    Danielle (site Editor) writes:
    Sanghita, I think Henrique has fixed this already, I must get the new version, thanks for your input!

    Henrique Komatsu writes:
    Thank you so much for the nice words.

    Lily writes:
    love this book

    Shanti writes:
    Beautiful story..

    Myra writes:
    This was a very beautiful book

    Bharathi mohan writes:
    It was great for my children. it helped me to read out for kids together

    Ava writes:
    We liked this book. Great wisdom in simple words and pictures.


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