God and my Chair

God and my Chair – A story about all sorts of things that a pencil can be, simple language, and good imagery. Based on the bible, and featuring God and Prayer. Brought to you from iCharacter (, creating children’s books that build character and inspire.

By: Agnes and Salem de Bezenac


Images from God and my Chair

god and my chair

god and my chair

god and my chair

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  • Bobby writes:
    This book is amazing, I even found a god in my chair.

    Lacy writes:
    I think that this is a great book for toddlers and can help a little with manners and imagination and teach them to be thankful for the things that God has given them

    Benji writes:

    Patrick Crain writes:
    Covered almost all possible use cases for a chair. Really impressed at the level of detail and creativity. Amazing. Wow.


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