Pirate the Barking Kookaburra

By: Adrian Plitzco

Pirate the Barking Kookaburra

A thunderstorm had just passed over the little farm house. You could still hear a faint thunder, rolling up the valley of Tantaraboo. The rain had dumped lots of water onto the backyard with its tiny vegetable patch and dozens of flower pots. The vegetables and the flowers weighed down by heavy water drops looked sad, as if they were crying. But soon they would suck in the water, stand up straight again and look more beautiful than ever before.

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About the author: Adrian Plitzco is a writer and producer of children’s audio books. He has also written a novel and hosts a children’s radio show on Australia’s multicultural radio station SBS. Discover other titles by Adrian Plitzco such as Lancelot – The one-armed Kangaroo at  All works are also available as audio books or downloads.


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