Pishi Caught in a Storm – Adventure with Sea Creatures

Pishi Caught in a StormPishi Caught in a Storm – Pishi, a stingray, is caught in a storm and needs help. This story has some lovely non-fiction facts woven into a fictional adventure about a stingray. Some facts are included at the end as well, making this a great starting point for a school project, or just a fun story to read.

Another great story brought to us by Pratham’s Storyweaver. This is a Level 3 book suited for children that are able to read on their own.

Authors: Mala Kumar, Manisha Chaudhry
Illustrator: Sangeeta Das


Text and Images from Pishi Caught in a Storm

Pishi Caught in a StormPishi was feeling sad and lonely. Just a day ago, he was one of a group of manta rays. They were feasting on tonnes of fish, far from the coast of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

stingray children's storyHow they had splashed and jumped out of the waters of the beautiful Indian Ocean! When he saw a ship ahead, Pishi had taken a huge dive in the water. His friends scattered. Pishi flapped his huge cloak-like fins and tried to swim to safety.

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Facts about Stingrays from Pishi Caught in a Storm

Dear Reader,
The Indian Ocean is known as ‘Ratnakara’ in ancient Sanskrit literature. Ratnakara means the mine of jewels.

Manta rays often visit cleaning stations. A cleaning station can be called nature’s hospital in the ocean. Here, small fish such as angelfish swim in the manta ray’s gills and over its skin. They are called cleaner fish because, they clean the manta ray by eating up parasites and dead tissue. Even though manta rays are huge, they are quite gentle.

They are hunted by many animals like big sharks, whales and humans.

A YouTube Animated adaption of Pishi Caught in a Storm

An animated version of an adaption of Pishi Caught in a Storm is seen below, I think the animator did an amazing job, I hope he got an a on the project!


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