The Princess, The Dragon, and The Very Bad Knight

By: Stuart Baum


Sample Text from The Princess, The Dragon, and The Very Bad Knight

Part one

0nce upon a time there was a Princess named Nyssmah. When she was born, she was a
very little baby. When she was a one-year old, she was a very Zith one-year old. When she was a
two-year old, she was a very little two-year old. And when she was a three-year old she found a
dragon’s egg.

Princess Nyssmah knew that she wasn’t allowed to bring anything into the castle without
checking first with the Royal Steward. The Royal Steward, thought Nyssmah, was in charge of
saying “No.” Which is why, when she brought the dragon’s egg into the castle, she did not check
first with the Royal Steward. He would have said “No.” Instead she put the dragon’s egg into her
closet. And, like all little girls, forgot all about it.

Our story begins with the sound of a dragon’s egg hatching. The sound attracted the Royal
Dog, which sniffed at the closet where Princess Nyssmah had stashed the dragon’s egg. The Royal
Dog attracted the Royal Housemaid who was sure there was Some Sort of Animal in the closet.
The Royal Housemaid was afraid of many things. But, more than anything else, she was afraid of
Some Sort of Animal in a Closet. She went to get the Royal Steward who went to get the Royal
Butler who went to get the Royal Exterminator (who is in charge of removing A.ll Sorts of Animals
from closets or from anywhere else.) The Royal Exterminator opened the closet door and found a
baby dragon.

All this excitement attracted Princess Nyssmah, who was not afraid of Some Sort of Animal in
the closet – especially since she knew exactly re&ch sort of animal was in this closet. The excitement also attracted the King.

The Royal Exterminator knew what to do about mice. He knew what to do about bugs and
snakes and raccoons and all Other Sorts of Animals. But the Royal Exterminator did not know
what to do about a baby dragon in a closet. Princess Nyssmah did.

“Can I keep him?” she asked
The Royal Steward quickly said, “No.”
Princess Nyssmah put on her very best “I Love My Daddy Face” and asked the King, “Can I
keep him, oh Daddy that I love? Pleeease?’

“Of course,” said the Ring. The Royal Steward threw up his arms and shook his head and
rolled his eyes and sighed a long sigh.

N ow that we have begun the story and hatched our baby dragon, it’s time to meet the Knight.
Like all knights, this one started out as a baby boy. When he was born he was a very big baby.
When he was a two-year old, he was a very big two-year old. When he was a four-year old he was
a very big four-year old. And when he was a six-year old, Princess Nyssmah had asked her Daddy,
the King, if she could keep the dragon.

The boy-who-would-become-a-knight’s name was Brophy (with a hard “0’7. Brophy’s dad was
the Royal Champion. The Royal Champion did not like Princess Nyssmah’s baby dragon, because
he thought it was a bad idea to have a dragon in the castle. The Royal Champion knew that baby
dragons grow up to be big dragons, And he knew what big dragons did: big dragons carried away..

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  • very engaging for child and parent

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    I enjoyed it. Very entertaining writing style.

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    It is lovely…

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    Love it

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    Loved the book!


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