The King of Custard Castle – fun elementary fiction

the king of custard castleThis fun elementary fiction book provides a great leisure or learning opportunity for elementary children. Emma encapsulates the essence of pure reading for joy in this book, while still providing a great resource for fiction exercises for elementary children learning to critique or studying creative writing styles and techniques.

A collection of four fun stories about the inhabitants of custard castle, including the King, the Queen, Princess Fifi, Wizard Watchit and his ghost, the maid, the cook, and the multi-tasked servant boy. All have exciting times, while learning important, subtle lessons.

By: Emma Laybourn

Text from The King of Custard Castle – fun elementary fiction

The Thing in the Dungeon

Custard Castle had three hundred dusty rooms, and seven people.

Custard CastleThere was the King, the Queen, and Princess Fifi. There was a maid, a wizard,
and a cook. There was a ghost, who didn’t really count.
And there was Jack.
Jack was the servant-boy. He had lots of different jobs to do.
When Princess Fifi went riding, Jack was the Stable-boy. He liked that job,
because he got to groom the horse.
When the Queen mended the bathroom pipes, Jack was the Plumber’s Mate. He
liked that job, because he got to hold the spanners.
When Wizard Watchit was cooking up a spell, Jack was the Wizard’s Helper.
He liked that job best of all, because he got to stir the cauldron.
But all too often, Jack was the Guard. He had to be the Guard whenever the
King was in his treasure room, counting out his money.
Jack hated being the Guard. The Guard had to stand as straight and stiff as a
broom-handle. The treasure room was cold and dark, and the King spent far too long
in there. He stayed there for hours.

fun elementary fiction“I wish Father would come riding with me,” grumbled Princess Fifi.
“I wish he would help me put up some shelves,” sighed the Queen.
“I wish he would come and play tiddlywinks with me,” said the Wizard. “The
ghost’s no good at tiddlywinks.”
But the King was too busy counting his treasure, while Jack stood on guard.
“Fifty-six, fifty-seven,” counted the King one day, piling up his golden guineas.
“Fifty-eight, fifty – what was that?”
Jack and the King stared at each other. A terrible sound echoed through the
It was a horrible howl: a sinister screech: a ghastly groan. And it came from the
Down ran Jack and the King from the treasure room.
Down ran Wizard Watchit from his tower.
Down ran the Queen, and Fifi, and Bella the maid. They all stood at the
dungeon door, and listened.
“EYEOWLL!!” went the dungeon.
“Is it a prisoner down there?” asked Wizard Watchit, shivering.

<end of text>

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