Seesaw – A Sad Story

By: Henrique Komatsu



Text and Images from Seesaw – A Sad Story


This is a book about a child’s sadness.

Thence I do not really know

To whom it should be dedicated.

For dedicating sadness is to offer someone else’s sufferance


<end of sample>


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Comments 13

  • It was an okay book because it’s sad and you would n’t want that to happen to someone you know or care for

  • It is sad and Joyful at the same time

  • this was kindof depressing

  • i liked it because in the end it was tears of happiness in the middle he cut his ears off people laughed at him in the beginning they laugh at his ears

  • I thought it was really sad and fun at the same time

  • Jacinta writes:
    it was sad

    Hailey Hansel writes:
    Um… Sad. Depressing. But very good.

    jl; writes:
    Pretty good

  • Angela writes:
    Interesting book! Want to buy a hard copy!

    Phoenix Jackson writes:
    Very enlightening. It shows the reality of the phrase,’Without pain, how could we know joy?’ i liked it very much.

    matilda writes:
    I thought this book was amazing at showing you are you and you are brilliant.

    Nope writes:
    it was to emotional

    Natalie Bills writes:
    Loved it

    Ningen writes:
    Really interesting book but… should it really be dedicated to kid considering there is dismemberment in this book? Editor: Good point, please note this book is market YOUNG ADULT!!!! The dismemberment is rather graphic, but it is intended to be poetic. Graphically illustrating how hurtful bullying is. Life for young adults and kids is painful at times. But only young adults begin to understand how to fix this. It is for this reason it is a favourite of mine, very truthful to how others are feeling, that the ones hurting hopefully take notice.

  • maya writes:
    this book was good but it could be longer and better

    Amanda writes:
    Short but meaningful. good to read.

    Somebody writes:
    weird but cool

    Lac hlan Apelu writes:
    Enjoyed the book it was sad

    Hunter writes:
    I think this was a very good book it makes you think about life and all the times you’ve been picked on

    Danielle writes:
    I think we have all been picked on at some point, some times it hurts us really bad, other times we shrug it off. Sometimes it affects us for a very long time. I think this is one of my favourite books on the site. Maria, I hope you have found the Portuguese version, and also, I hope your son will find a way to forgive those who bullied him, I know how hard that is, but it so helps to recover.

  • Emily Roy writes:
    I liked this book because when I’m at school some kids call me names but now I know what’s behind my tears joy.

    Binder writes:
    Good story for non-native speakers

    905 Rosey writes:
    My child love the book

    Maria de Lourdes Nogueira writes:
    My son was a victim of bullying when he was young. I think he never recovery for it completely. I would like to translate the book to Portuguese if the author permit me. I think we need this kind of book in my country. Thanks.

    Danielle (site Editor) writes:
    A beautiful story with a very important message. Very well written, and brings tears to the eyes.

  • Sabrina Vella writes:
    Reading this short story makes me realize how precious we are.. people may laugh about us.. but yet behind every teardrop there is joy.. for they cannot be without one another.. There is always a reason to move on in life and be content.. but before this one must share tear drops to our earth.. <3 Site Editor: Thanks so much Sabrina, that's a beautiful comment, and I fully agree.

    harriett writes:
    I think it's good to understand the story and it's a bout the message behind the story its really an sad story with bullies that. Hurt you that's why i like this story

    Sritha Sandon writes:
    My daughter (9y) is a victim of bullying. With great fear in my heart, I had her read this book. She wasn't sure if she wanted to… but she kept at it. She was touched to tears and then made a heart-rending comment "I shouldn't waste these things right? If they hold my soul!" This book is really a beautiful book to help victims of bullying look beyond victimization. It can be truly thought-provoking. Thank you.

    Akshay Jain writes:
    I was given a project to translate a English story to Hindi language when i was searching, i found this story now that's my project and I want to thank you that your site gave me the pleasure of reading such a great story. In just a few words you have taught me how to be happy with what i am and what i have and not to give attention to those who make fun of others so that no one make the fun of themselves. Editor: thanks so much for sharing, this is one of my favourite books on the site, for exactly the reasons you've mentioned.


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