The Night Before

By: Annie Harmon


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  • Danielle (Site Editor) writes:
    What a great story – fun, rhyming, and very cool illustrations, I can’t wait to read it to the kids, and let you know what they thought too!

    Toni Drecker writes:
    There’s definitely a reason this book won a prize. The dragon is a wonderful character with just the right mixture of danger and fun. My 8 year old son loved watching the boy try to escape from the dragon, and all the fun things which happened in between. And the ending (which I’m definitely NOT going to give away) is great! Of course, it meant we had to read the entire book again. As tends to be the case with Annie’s picture books, the illustrations are fantastic.

    Jennifer Hawkins writes:
    This is one of my children’s favorite stories! The illustrations are beautiful and the fun, action packed storyline will have your little ones on the edge of their seats. This is a must have for your collection!

    An Amazon confirmed customer writes:
    What a fantastic dragon tale. I have two young boys, and this book was a hit with both of them. The rhyming versus make for a sing song feel that keeps my two year old interested. My seven year old really enjoyed the twist at the end. The artwork and font selection add a nice touch as well. We will treasure this story in my home for years to come. This is a dragon book worth owning!


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