What Is Christmas?

This short photo book is designed for young children and children learning to read, with around 20 words total, and using a large dyslexic font. The book also includes craft ideas and a cookie recipe.

Another great creative commons book (CC-BY-NC) brought to you directly from Free Kids Books. Share the spirit of Christmas and share the book with family and friends!

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Text from What is Christmas

What is Christmas all about?

Is Christmas all about presents?

Or is Christmas all about giving?

Is Christmas all about cookies?

Or is Christmas all about love?

Is Christmas all about chocolate?

Or is Christmas all about sharing?

Is Christmas all about toys?

Or is Christmas all about having fun?

Is Christmas all about trees?

Or is Christmas all about growth?

Is Christmas all about snow?

Does it snow where you live at Christmas?

Or is Christmas all about family?

What does Christmas mean to you?


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About the Author:

Danielle Bruckert is the creator of Free Kids Books. She writes mainly picture books for young children and textbooks pilots.

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