Mikolay and Julia Meet the Fairies

Author: Magda Olchawska



Exert from Mikolay and Julia Meet the Fairies

When Mikolay and Julia are not at school, they usually go exploring and adventuring. Mikolay’s and Julia’s mummies are both witches and are in charge of fixing things. Mikolay and Julia don’t quite know what the job involves but it must be hard because both mummies don’t spend much time at home, which gives Mikolay and Julia plenty of
opportunities to explore.

“Does it mean trouble again?” asked Julia watchfully, while following him around the corner. “I’m still not allowed to eat sweets after the last trouble we got into.” Mikolay pointed to the mouse size hole in the wall and said, “This is where we are going to go.”

“But we are way too big,” replied Julia.

“If you use magic outside the school, we are going to get into more trouble than ever. They will lock us up and there will be no sweets and no adventuring ever again,” protested Julia.


<End of exert>

About the Series: Mikolay is a little wizard. His best friend, Julia, is a witch. They attend public school together during the week. On weekends they are students at a school specialising in magic. When they are not in school, they go adventuring and exploring, finding challenging realms, and often trouble they did not expect. But their creativity, courage and friendship provide them with plenty of strength to accomplish their tasks.

About the Author: Magda is a producer, scriptwriter & film director, with her own production company Mayan Films, and has been in the film industry since she graduated with a Foundation Degree in Arts and started her own production company. Since filmmaking is a long process regardless whether one makes a short or a feature film she write books & short stories in between productions. Her children books are used by several charities in third world countries to teach kids how to read. Her first feature film “Anna and Modern Day Slavery” is going to be released in the fall of 2016. In her personal life she’s a keen student of Eurythmy, passionate book reader, an enthusiast of vegan cooking, and obsessive film fan.


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  • I love how the freinds
    help each other and care
    for each other.I also love
    that they make freinds so
    easily by showing freindship!


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