Bobby Bumble’s Afraid to Fly

bobby bumbles afraid to flyBobby Bumble has a problem; he’s afraid of heights. Ridiculed by his brothers about his inability to fly, he retreats into his honeycomb, too ashamed to show his face outside. Bobby Bumble learns to overcome his fears, and what it really means to be brave, in this fun rhyming story.

Author: Ethan Crownberry


Text and Images from Bobby Bumble’s Afraid to Fly

bobby bumble


Little Bobby Bumble was a little Bumble tot,
and Bumble bees can fly,
but Bobby Bumble just could not.



bobby bumble


He lived quite high above the ground, as far as one could see,
in a hive that hung from the highest branch of an olden sycamore tree, in a hive so very high and safe, as high as a hive could be,
with his brothers, and his sisters, and his mother, Queen Marie.



bobby bumble


Bobby had so many brothers that he could not name them all,
but his favorite three, as young as he, were Johnny, George, and Paul. They always played together—always four and never more;
the rest were just too old for games and really quite a bore.




bobby bumble


And so we start his story on a beautiful, bright spring day,
when Bobby, Johnny, George, and Paul had gone outside to play.
They had spent so many days inside, but now the rain was done;
it was time to leave the hive to have a bit of Bumble fun.


<end of sample>

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bobby bumbles afraid to fly Bobby Bumble’s Afraid to Fly - Bobby Bumble has a problem; he’s afraid of heights. Ridiculed by his brothers about his inability to fly, he retreats into his honeycomb, too ashamed to show his face outside. Bobby Bumble learns to overcome his fears, and what it really means to be brave, in this fun rhyming story. Author: Ethan Crownberry   Text and ...
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