Lumberjack Mack

lumberjack mackLumberjack Mack needs lots of wood! He has to light his fireplace, fix his house, and get ready for the Forest Town festival. But what happens when there’s no more trees? This sweet rhyming story with an important lesson about looking after the environment. It is suitable for an early reader or for reading to young children.

Author: Eric Stone

This book is recommended for school projects, it is a introduction to caring about the environment for young children, and it can tie in with any conservation topic which might be studied as part of science or social studies.

Text and Images from Lumberjack Mack

lumberjack mackNot so long ago, in a village very close to here.
Was a forest filled with birds, raccoon, and deer.

lumberjack mackNow the hero of our story is Lumberjack Mack
A burly woodsman who piles firewood by the stack.

lumberjack mackNow old man winter blew in, it was a very cold breeze.
“If I don’t do something,” Mack declared “I swear I’ll Freeze!”

lumberjack mackSo he grabbed his axe. ONE swing, TWO swings, and Three!
Down fell one mighty tree!

<end of sample>

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lumberjack mack Lumberjack Mack - Lumberjack Mack needs lots of wood! He has to light his fireplace, fix his house, and get ready for the Forest Town festival. But what happens when there’s no more trees? This sweet rhyming story with an important lesson about looking after the environment. It is suitable for an early reader or for reading to young ...
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Comments 2

  • I think that this book is very good for little kids to read and if you read it you will probable like it a lot

  • Danielle (editor) writes:
    I like the use of numbers and repetition along with learning about uses for wood, but most important a nice lesson about ensuring we replenish what we take.

    Abi writes:
    A very funny book with lots of sense of humour. A wonderful book.


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