Mike Belgrave’s ABCs – Alphabet Book

mike belgraves abcABC mike belgrave – A fun alphabet book with amusing pictures and clear uppercase letters. This is a unique way of introducing letters and words to young children.

By: Mike Belgrave



Text and Images from Mike Belgrave’s ABCs – Alphabet Book



alphabet bookAPPLE



alphabet bookBEAR



alphabet bookCHICKEN SOUP

<end of sample>

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The Silly ABC Book

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The Silly ABC Book
mike belgraves abc Mike Belgrave’s ABCs – Alphabet Book - ABC mike belgrave – A fun alphabet book with amusing pictures and clear uppercase letters. This is a unique way of introducing letters and words to young children. By: Mike Belgrave     Text and Images from Mike Belgrave’s ABCs – Alphabet Book   A APPLE   B BEAR   C CHICKEN SOUP <end of sample> Read more ...

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Comments 5

  • some of the names trying to be silly isn’t very good to help my kiddo to learn the simple words.

    Editor: Sure it’s not the right tool if you are at phonics stage, it’s for more developed readers, or for Mum and Dad to read to, for phonics, check out out book with three and four letter words –

  • I want the newsletter

  • great book, really enjoyed it!

  • this book has my interest 🙂

  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    Cute fun pictures, and nice clear letters.

    Brajesh Kumar writes:

    Emmanuel Charles writes:

    Jubi Thomas writes:
    Excellently rhymed Alphabet. Pictures are very catchy.

    Jubi Thomas writes:
    Amazing rhythmic Alphabet with cute pictures.

    Jennie Lewis writes:
    My 2 year old loves this book. Can’t believe it’s free.

    Danilo writes:
    We love this book! Funny pictures and unusually silly ABC book:)

    naheen writes:
    A good book

    Silly but catchy good work

    ngahuia writes:
    This books so cool my class loves it

    peace writes:
    Interestingly interesting and funfull.

    Sophia writes:
    Very interesting


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