In the Lion Who Wouldn’t Try is a story about trying, we see a story of a lion who is too afraid of failure to attempt anything. All the other animals are having fun, while the lion is moping around. He is too afraid of losing that he never ends up having any fun. This …

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help kids brush their teeth

A cute rhyming story encouraging brushing teeth, including a star chart at the end. Also available in Hindi Sample page from Friendship with Toothbrush Read along with the video – read by Kiwi Opa  

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shocking report card

The Very Shocking Report Card is a story about a little boy Pattu whose report card is less than desirable, what will happen when his Papa and Mummy see the report card? This beautifully illustrated story has some wonderful examples of adjectives and similes which makes it a great story for English studies, and is …

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the picturesque life of canela: the hooves

The Picturesque Life of Canela: The Hooves – Canela, a little goat, is afraid of trying new things, but bit by bit she will continue discovering how brave she really is. A lovely illustrated tale that teaches children to face their fears. By: N Miranda     See more books about animals below    

tania's cycling adventure

Tania’s Cycling Adventure – Four year old Tania is riding her bike around the hotel where their family is on holiday. Her Mama told her to stay in sight while cycling around. Tania is a fairly good girl, she tries to do what she is told, but then something caught her interest and she she …

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tanias custome party

Tania’s Costume Party – Tania has to go to a costume party, but she can’t decide what to wear. Another great book in the series by Kanika G about the experiences of a little girl named Tania. By: Kanika G Excerpt From Tania’s Costume Party: Tania’s Costume Party Tania had just received an invitation. It was for …

tania at school

Tania At School – Tania was talking in class and didn’t hear her homework assignment. It’s due today, and she’s now desperate for a solution. Tania’s a very good student, but today she learns a very important point, that honesty is the best policy, and she also learns the importance of not talking during lessons! Another great free children’s …

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solving sibling rivalry independently

That Worked! – Solving sibling rivalry – Did you ever have a problem with your younger brother or sister? Need a solution that really works? Want to solve the problem yourself? This book will help…..My little sister keeps grabbing the toys I want, what can I do? Should I yell to my Mom for help, …

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tanias dilemma

Tania’s Dilemma – Tania’s grandma has planned a surprise for her on Saturday afternoon. Tania is excited about it. But then her best friend invites her to a movie she really wants to see. And that is on Saturday too. Poor Tania does not want to hurt grandma’s feelings but doesn’t want to miss out on …

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fading flowers

Fading Flowers – Flowers look sad when they’re fading, just like our faces when we’re sad or angry, but flowers look very beautiful and happy when they’re fresh. A little girl compares her sad face to the wilting flowers, and her happy face to the fresh flowers. What will she choose? A story about being …

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