Earthshaker – Sizo, a really big dinosaur comes to stay. The other dinosaurs find his differences a little annoying, but when trouble comes, they realise being different can be a blessing. By: Emma Laybourn     Text and Images from Earthshaker Chapter One BOOM…BOOM…BOOM… The earth shuddered. Trees shook, dropping leaves on the tidy nest below. The …

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the golden ballon

The Golden Balloon – “- But I’m a balloon just like you” , it said hesitantly to the round balloons that were looking from up high and were laughing. It was different from the rest, with a rare, almost gold colour. It had every right to be proud of its appearance but it had yet to …

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Girls Don’t Like Dinosaurs – A short comic book style story about pressure to conform and being yourself. Girls can be girls in what ever way they feel like, regardless of how others think. By: Natasha Alterici     Images from Girls Don’t Like Dinosaurs <end of sample> Read more books about Diversity and Differences below.    …

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chuskit goes to school

Chuskit Goes To School – Chuskit is 9 years old, and yearns to go to school, but because of her disability she cannot. After learning about human rights at the local school, Abdul, initiates an effort to change this. Everyone who wants to learn should have access to an education. A beautifully illustrated and heart …

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a zebra called dottie

A Zebra Called Dottie – Who’s my dad? Why do all the other kids have a dad and I don’t know who my dad is? What is the meaning of beauty? Am I beautiful? What should I do when kids make fun of me at school?In this endearing tale, spotty the zebra, learns the answers that …

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Robert, born to immigrant parents, and barely speaking English when he started school, was not considered athletic. Against odds, he becomes a top swimmer, winning many races and surprising his coach. Based on the true story of a hearing impaired Australian swimming champion. By: Elena Silva   See more books like these below    

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mine wants aride

Minny Wants a Ride – Minny sees the chair and wants a ride – is she injured, or disabled, or lazy? Or is it just in her nature? A public domain book from Pratham. By: Pratham Public Domain       See more books about diversity and differences below    



Quarta – The Girl Born With Only Two Arms and Two Legs – Imagine a world where you didn’t have the same abilities as everyone else? What would you do? Quarta is another awesome free kids book from Stuart Baum at Stuart’s Stories. By: Stuart Baum   Text from Quarta – The Girl Born With Only …

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June Peters: You Will Save The World One Day – A young girl is inspired to help organise a community picnic for the homeless. An inspirational tale of how we can all make a difference if we just see a need and want to help. By: Alika Turner     Text and Images from June Peters: …

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Is There Anyone Like Me? – A short story for young children about being unique. Another great Creative commons book from Bookdash. By: Fred Strydom, Jess Jardim-Wedepohl, Stephen Wallace     Text and Images from Is There Anyone Like Me? I wonder if there’s another me somewhere in the world. Who looks the same. And talks the …

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