Butterflies – A non-fiction book about butterflies for early grades, with beautiful colour photographs. Another great creative commons creation from Mustard Seed Books. Word count 219, Guided Reading Level I. By: Mustard Seed   Text and Images from Butterflies A butterfly is an insect. It has six legs and four wings. A butterfly’s body has three parts. …

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A non-fiction book all about whales. A creative commons book from Mustard Seed Books. Word Count 266, Guided Reading Level G. By Elizabeth Kim Sample Text from Whales: Whales are the biggest animals on the planet, even bigger than elephants! <End of Page 1 of Whales> See also the Spanish language version of Whales here:   …

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Clouds – An excellent look at clouds from a middle grade perspective, with lots of facts, and review questions and activities at the end. Another great non-fiction book from Open Equal Free’s literacy anywhere library, categorised as Level 3 by OEF. By: Aleyna La Croix, Michael A Jones     Text and Images from Clouds Clouds …

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fairy circles

In Fairy Circles, a visit to the Namib Desert uncovers the mystery of fairy circles – that is, they remain mysterious! This is a magical tale of fairies and fairy circles in the Namibian desert, a collaboration between NaDEET and Free Kids Books, and all proceeds will go to NaDEET. Fairy Circles is a perfect …

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Penguins – A non-fiction book all about penguins, including review questions and a drawing task. Another great creative commons book from Open Equal Free, categorised by OEF as Level 3. By: Aleyna La Croix, Michael A. Jones, Hannah Bradley and Chelsea E. Hall       See more of these books below    

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A non fiction book all about cats, big and small, including review questions and a writing exercise at the end. This is a well presented and well written creative commons addition from Open Equal Free, categorised by OEF as Level 4. By: Michael A. Jones  

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how far is far

How Far Is Far? – A fun look at measurements using common objects that children can understand. A great book for children in early grades learning measurement concepts of 1 metre, 10 metres, 100 metres, 1000 metres…all the way up to how far away is the sun. By: Sukanya Sinha and Vishnu M Nair     …

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how do areoplanes fly

How Do Aeroplanes fly? For those who dream to fly, to sow the seeds for those who want to make flying real. A beautifully illustrated early non-fiction children’s picture book, including some fun facts about learning to fly, how planes fly, aviation in India, including India’s first woman pilot, and some fun activities. Another great …

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Why Can't We Glow Like Fireflies

Why Can’t We Glow Like Fireflies – Why does a fire fly glow? A fun non-fiction book packed with interesting facts about fireflies, and includes a fact summary and three suggested activities. Another great creative commons book from Storyweaver and Pratham Books. By: Nabanita Deshmukh and Samidha Gunjal  

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pink flowers

This book is all about pink flowers! A simple non fiction book with beautiful photographs and interesting facts about the various of flowers. The book is available in Creative Commons – CC-BY-NC (attribution, non-commercial). The book, with it’s ‘pink’ theme, is dedicated to all those affected by and working with breast cancer, and has information …

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