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Inside The InternetInside The Internet – A children’s guide to what the internet and World Wide Web are all about and where they came from. A wonderful introduction to a world our children often take for granted, including the history of where it all started and why we call it the World Wide Web. Another great Creative Commons non-fiction book from Storyweaver.

By: Roopa Pai, Delwyn Remedios


Sample Page from Inside The Internet:

So Nettikutti, here’s what everyone wants to know – What IS the Internet?
Ooooh. BIG question. Let’s see how I can put it simply.
The Internet (short for ‘INTERconnected NETworks’) is a large, large, LARGE collection of computers from all
over the world that are connected to each other.

The computers could be gigantic computers (the kind research laboratories or governments own),

desktop computers (the kind you see in banks and computer centres),

laptops (the kind people sling across their shoulders and carry with them),
cellphones (the kind that ring so loudly and annoyingly in movie halls),

and even the little music players with the itty-bitty headphones that seem to grow out of people’s ears.





<End of Sample Page from Inside The Internet>

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