A non fiction book all about cats, big and small, including review questions and a writing exercise at the end. This is a well presented and well written creative commons addition from Open Equal Free, categorised by OEF as Level 4. By: Michael A. Jones  

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how far is far

How Far Is Far? – A fun look at measurements using common objects that children can understand. A great book for children in early grades learning measurement concepts of 1 metre, 10 metres, 100 metres, 1000 metres…all the way up to how far away is the sun. By: Sukanya Sinha and Vishnu M Nair     …

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how do areoplanes fly

How Do Aeroplanes fly? For those who dream to fly, to sow the seeds for those who want to make flying real. A beautifully illustrated early non-fiction children’s picture book, including some fun facts about learning to fly, how planes fly, aviation in India, including India’s first woman pilot, and some fun activities. Another great …

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Why Can't We Glow Like Fireflies

Why Can’t We Glow Like Fireflies – Why does a fire fly glow? A fun non-fiction book packed with interesting facts about fireflies, and includes a fact summary and three suggested activities. Another great creative commons book from Storyweaver and Pratham Books. By: Nabanita Deshmukh and Samidha Gunjal  

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pink flowers

This book is all about pink flowers! A simple non fiction book with beautiful photographs and interesting facts about the various of flowers. The book is available in Creative Commons – CC-BY-NC (attribution, non-commercial). The book, with it’s ‘pink’ theme, is dedicated to all those affected by and working with breast cancer, and has information …

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all about seals

All About Seals – A non-fiction book about seals, aimed at 5-7 year olds (Grade 1-2), including lots of facts about seals and sea lions and some very cute photos. This book is open source and is available for free distribution under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License. By: Zehnya Bruckert and Danielle Bruckert   …

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all types of air craft

All Types of Aircraft – An early non-fiction book about all the different types of aircraft, from jets to blimps and everything in between. This book is aimed at early grades, with simple language and lots of pictures. Author: Danielle Bruckert   Text and Images from All Types of Aircraft There are many different types of …

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