The Forest Fairy

the forest fairyThe Forest Fairy – Lilly, a little girl, wanders from her parents and finds herself lost and alone in a dark forest. Instead of a friend a big, mean wolf finds her and captures her. Fortunately another dwells in the forest, a fairy with a good heart. Will the fairy be in time to save Lilly from the clutches of the wolf?

By: Carmen Saptouw



Sample Text from The Forest Fairy

Lilly was a little girl who lived with her parents on a small farm. The farm land was surrounded by grassy fields and many trees that lead to a nearby forest.

One sunny afternoon her parents decided that they should have a picnic on one of the fields near the forest.

When they finished their picnic lunch, her parents decided that they were going to take a nap. “Lilly, we are going to rest for a little while, please don’t wander off,” said her mother.

“Yes mother, I won’t,” answered Lilly.

Lilly saw a bunch of flowers growing nearby. She thought it would be a good idea to pick some flowers for her mother, to thank her for the lovely picnic they had. On one of the flowers

she noticed a butterfly. It was beautiful with so many different colours.

She wanted to have a closer look at the butterfly and walked towards it, but as soon as she came close to the butterfly it started to fly away. Lilly then decided to follow the butterfly but every time she got close to it, it flew away.

She was so distracted by the butterfly that she didn’t realize that she was wandering further and further away from her parents.

Suddenly, she noticed that it had become darker. She looked up and saw that she was surrounded by trees.

I am lost, she thought. She knew she was in the forest, but didn’t know how to find her way out. Lilly started to cry.

“Please don’t cry, little one. I don’t want my supper to be sad,” she heard. Behind one of the big trees she saw two big yellow eyes.

The eyes started to move forward and before her stood a gigantic wolf.

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