Why Don’t Birds Comb Their Hair? – Inspiring early nature projects about birds

Why Don't Birds Comb Their Hair? - Inspiring early nature projects about birdsWhy Don’t Birds Comb Their Hair? Early nature projects about birds This is a cute book featuring a number of different bird types. This book can be a fun starting point for more research about birds.

Author: Suchi Govindarajan, Illustrator: Anjora Noronha



Birds featured in this book:

– Himalayan Monal
– Eurasian Spoonbill
– Indian Grey Vulture
– Common Hoopoe
– Red-whiskered Bulbul
– Racket-tailed Drongo
– Hornbill
– Brown Fish Owl

Project ideas:

– Draw the different bird types
– Research some of the different types of birds
– Go on a nature work and look for different types of birds


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Text and Images from Why Don’t Birds Comb Their Hair?

Early nature projects about birds

Why Don't Birds Comb Their Hair? - Inspiring early nature projects about birds

Why don’t Bulbuls comb their hair? It looks like a little wave.
If I had a Bulbul’s hair, I would wear clips.

Why don’t Hoopoes comb their hair? It looks like a frilly fan.
If I had a Hoopoe’s hair,
I would push it back with a band.

<End of Page 2 from Why Don’t Birds Comb Their Hair?>

The end of the book contains the full name and pictures of each bird along with some non-fiction information about some of the birds.

Early nature projects about birds

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