Aesop’s Fables – Illustrated for Children

Aesop’s fables for children – editable version:

About Aesop

Aesop was believed to be a slave and famed storyteller who lived around 620 and 564 BCE in ancient Greece. The stories which were told from person to person, attributed to Aesop were only written down only some 300 years after his death. The volumes from Aesop have been added to over time, and some are believed to be of unknown origin.

Sample Page from Aesop’s Fables – Illustrated for Children


Aesop’s Fables for Children – Illustrated short stories with a moral



Two Travellers, walking in the noonday sun, sought the shade of a wide spreading tree to rest. As they lay looking up among the pleasant leaves, they saw that it was a Plane Tree.

“How useless is the Plane!” said one of them. “It bears no fruit whatever, and only serves to litter the ground with leaves.”

“Ungrateful creatures!” said a voice from the Plane Tree. “You lie here in my cooling shade, and yet you say I am useless!” Thus ungratefully, O Jupiter, do men receive their blessings!”




Moral: Our best blessings are often least appreciated.




A stork of a very simple and trusting nature had been asked by a gay party of Cranes to visit a field that had been newly planted. But the party ended dismally with all the birds entangled in the meshes of the Farmer’s net.

“You may be a very good bird,” answered the farmer, “but I caught you with the thieving Cranes and you will have to share the same punishment with them.”

Moral: You are judged by the company you keep.



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