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“Shiver me timbers!” roared Captain Snatchit, swinging his cutlass around his head. “Shiver me timbers!” squawked Neptune from the Captain’s shoulder, ducking to avoid the cutlass. “There’s a ship on the horizon. Raise the anchor, you scabby guttersnipes!” bellowed the Captain at his crew. “Jump to it, shark-bait!” screeched Neptune. Swearing and cursing, the pirate crew pulled up the anchor. Their boat, the Seaslug, began to lurch through the waves.
Neptune flew to the top of the tallest mast to look for the other ship.

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  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    Absolutely loved this book – good writing, great characters, and a great story. Also the length is nice for middle grades as an early chapter book, keeping them entertained without being too long to get frustrated or bored. I love the trilogy style, each book is complete in itself, but flows nicely into the next one, leaving you wondering what Neptune’s next adventure will be.

    Paula writes:
    Wonderful book! Thank you… My 6 year old boy happily read it over and over.


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