Dan and the Frog

By: Carmen Saptouw


 Sample from Dan and the Frog

A glimmer of hope came into sight as he watched the last frog return from his journey.

He immediately met with the King and claimed that he found a new home for the frog kingdom. A meeting was called in the centre of The Ponds.

“I am now the Rich Frog, as my new home is filled with food and clean water,” said the Rich Frog. “You do not have  to live like this: our homes are polluted and there is no food left, follow me and you will live a care free life with added protection,” he continued while pointing to a black bird in the sky. “That is my new friend and he will make sure that no harm will come to us.”

There was nothing the King could do as he watched his fellow frogs leave him one by one. “I am sorry your majesty, but he has promised us a life beyond this pond: a life of a full tummy and a clean body,” said one of the frogs as he passed the King.

“There is no need for apologies,” said the Rich Frog before the King could answer. “You can‟t provide for your people and therefore you must be de-crowned!” He took the crown from the King and placed it on his own head.

“Now my people, follow me, let us not waste any more time at this dump our new home awaits!” exclaimed the Rich Frog.

end of sample – Dan and the Frog

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  • Hanlie Brand writes:
    A splendid tale showing the importance of social responsibility to kids through the frogs and Dan’s interaction.As always with this author, there’s a valuable lesson and moral contained for childhood development.Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Jaden writes:
    Absolutely loved it!


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