Jordan and the Little Magic Pencil

jord annd the little magic pencilThrough this fairytale “Jordan and the Little Magic Pencil” children will realise that learning to read and write is like a game. Once you know the rules, it’s easy! Parents and teachers can help them understand the magical world of language, unlock it and love it. An entertaining story with a very important message. Another great book translated from greek, from Saita publications.

By: Anna Kondis


Text and Images from Jordan and the Little Magic Pencil

Jordan is a ten-year-old boy. He is raised by his parents in a neighbourhood where children love reading, spelling and grammar. Their houses look like the alphabet letters and there are reading rooms and libraries full of children’s books on every corner.

He doesn’t have many friends because he feels ashamed of his difficulty in reading and writing properly. So, he  prefers sitting alone, even during breaks. One day, while he was returning from school and being disappointed because he didn’t do well at spelling once again, he lost his way home.

Jordan and the Little Magic PencilAfter walking for a long time, he found himself in front of a colourful house. – It must be one of the reading rooms, he thought. All of a sudden the windows opened and sucked Jordan inside. He was surprised to find, that there was only a single desk in the room. He sat down and got his books ready without hesitation. Then something magical happened! The desk opened and a huge LITTLE PENCIL came out!

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