Look At Me – Simple use of nouns and verbs about the body

look at meLook At Me a delightful and fun story of how each body part is being used. In this book children enjoy doing things with the use of their hands, mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. This story introduces the different senses we have and the simple use of these body parts. This is a good text for learning how to read or for beginner `english learners, using easy phrasees with common use nouns and verbs.

This is an English Level 1 book brought to us by Pratham’s Storyweaver. This is suited for children who have just begun reading, to increase their vocabulary and build confidence, with illustrations to understand how to use these new words. A short length book accompanied with fun illustration which is perfect for young readers.

Look At Me (English), translated by Manisha Chaudhry, based on original story यह मैं हूँ (Hindi), written by Pankaj Chaturvedi, illustrated by Ajit Narayan, published by Pratham Books (© Pratham Books, 2006) under a CC BY 4.0 license on StoryWeaver. Read, create and translate stories for free on

Text from Look At Me – English Level 1

look at meLook at us.
Do you want to be our friend?

My legs are very strong.
I can run really fast with them.

look at meAnd my arms… such a nice swing!

I like to draw.
I use my hands for drawing.

Should I draw your picture?
I can see you with my eyes.

look at meThe bird sings a sweet song.
I can hear it with my ears.

I think Ma is making halwa.
I can smell it with my nose.

Oh! This sugarcane is so tough! But
my teeth are strong too!

look at meIt is very sweet.
My tongue just told me.

I can sing.
Should I sing you a song?

Ma says I have a good voice. Does it
come from my throat?

<end of text from Look at Me – Simple nouns and verbs>


About Pratham, Read India

Pratham Books was set up in 2004, as part of the Read India movement, a nation-wide campaign to promote reading among children. Pratham Books is a not-for-profit organization that publishes quality books for children in multiple Indian languages. Pratham’s mission is to see “a book in every child’s hand” and democratize the joy of reading.

Pratham’s books are available now in digital form on the Storyweaver platform.

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