Sleep Time with Lilly – The Perfect Rhyme for Bedtime

What Carmen says about the book: “I use this rhyme to get my four-year-old daughter to go to bed at night I remind her to be like a tulip and close her eyes just like their petals and rest up during the night.”

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Sample text from Sleep Time with Lilly – Bedtime rhyme

The sky was dark and draped in sparkles of light,

Lilly’s mom was getting her ready for bed. “Now that the book is all done and read. It’s time to say good night,” she said and kissed Lilly
on the head.

“But mom I am not done with this day, Maybe another story we could read or a game we could play?”

“No buts Lilly… when you see the moon You know it is time for bed soon.” “Listen closely, even the night crickets make it clear.

Their chirping is a cue that it is time for sleep nmy dear.”

<end of excerpt>

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