The Adventures of Super Cow

Author: Danielle Bruckert

The story is handwritten in a childlike style.

Sample Text From The Adventures of Super Cow:

This is Cow. Cow is Cool!

By day an ordinary Cow,

Flying a Kite

Or kicking a ball.

<End of page 1>

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This makes a beautiful story for bedtime reading to young children, reading time 2 minutes.

You can also download the ePub version of Supercow  or the mobi version of Supercow  – these are provided courtesy of Omegadoc, an editor for creating epubs and mobi books among other things (free but currently for windows only). 

About the Author: Danielle wrote this book for her daughter about her favourite toy’s secret life. Danielle is a pilot who writes children’s books, and runs this website as a very cool hobby. You can see more of her books here:  http://www.freekidsbooks/danielle 

Read along with Supercow here:


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