The Hero of the Mountain

the hero of the mountainHero of the mountain – Bubu the fox travels to see a contest ‘The Hero of the Mountain’ along the way he learns what it means to be a true hero.

By: Ivan Parvov

This book is also available in Greek, Arabic, German, Bulgarian and many other languages at the author’s website –


Text and Images from The Hero of the Mountain

Hero of the mountainThe little fox Bubu was very excited. The big contest “Hero of the Mountain” was going to take
place the next day. The bravest and most powerful animals and people were going to take part in it.

Hero of the mountainBubu wanted to see the contest and meet the most famous heroes in the world. He carefully studied the map. The contest would take place high on the mountain, on the grounds of the owlmagician, Boran. Bubu was going to have a long trip the next day . . .

Hero of the mountainThat evening, Bubu could not fall asleep till late at night. He was looking at the distant peak, dreaming about the contest. He was eager for the morning to come.

Hero of the mountainIn the morning he woke up early, brushed his teeth and ate his breakfast quickly. He had a long way to go, so he had a good meal. The breakfast, prepared by his mom, was very delicious.

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  • Yes, I did. It’s fun and inspiring. It’s good to read for kids.

  • this story sounds great because Bubu was being kind by helping.

  • Hi all, here is the audio version of the story:

  • very interesting for my little sis!

  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    A very sweet story, with a simple stylised language which will appeal to young children. Cute colourful illustrations, and a good length for the intended audience. It is great that the book is also available free in a number of different languages for bilingual children and for learning a second language at the author’s website.

    Lisa writes:
    A very sweet story, which i think childeren will love just like me!

    Krishna writes:
    the best book i ever read

    Gio writes:
    I like your book a fox helps other animals

    Pyae Phyo Thwe writes:
    I think that this book is good!!!!!