Amma’s Birthday

Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi





Text and Images from Amma’s Birthday

“What’s that, Thatha?” Nikini asked her father.
“It’s your mother’s birthday tomorrow,” her father said. “Oh!” Nikini was very upset.
“How could I forget my Amma’s birthday?
She would never forget mine.
So I should give her a wonderful gift,”
Nikini thought.



Then a firefly, seeing Nikini by the window, flew to her. “Nikini, what are you doing in the dark?” the firefly asked.
“Firefly, it’s my Amma’s birthday tomorrow. She loves me very much. She makes me very happy on my birthdays. So I want to make her happy on her birthday. I want to give her the ‘greatest’ gift of all. But I can’t think of anything as great as my Amma,” said Nikini, sadly.

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About the Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi is a highly respected author from Sri Lanka with an exceptional community spirit. She demonstrates her value for contribution by continuing to make her books available for free for download at, some of which are reproduced here with Tikiri’s permission.

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