Chess eBook – A guide to the game

chess ebookThis Chess ebook is a guide to the game in clear concise simple instructions. This guide is suitable for beginners with no knowledge to intermediate players who want some guidance on notation and tactics.

What does Chess teach? Chess is an amazing game for children to learn and play (…offline!), it challenges skills of strategy, probability, rational thinking, logic, and much more. Children learn to be patient and think cognitively about their next move, plan ahead in their minds and reason their opponent’s possible moves. Chess can be played by all ages from kindergarten to nursing homes too – endless fun with the competencies available.



Contents of Chess eBook

Chapter 01: Playing the Game………………………….4
Chapter 02: Notating the Game…………………………14
Chapter 03: Tactics…………………………………..19
Chapter 04: Strategy…………………………………26
Chapter 05: Basic Openings……………………………36
Chapter 06: The Endgame………………………………61

Sample Text from Chess eBook

Chess, unlike many other games, does not involve chance. It does not hinge on the roll of dice or which card is drawn. The outcome completely depends on the decisions of both the players. However, because of its vast complexity, the far-reaching consequences of some decisions are practically unforeseeable.
One player (“White”) has the white pieces while the other (“Black”) has the black pieces. In friendly games the choice of colors can be made by any method, such as flipping a coin – if there is no coin at hand, another typical way of deciding would be to conceal a black piece in one hand and a white piece in the other and ask one’s opponent to select a hand, the colored piece selected will be the opponent’s color. In competitive games the players are assigned their colors.

Order of play
Once all the pieces have been arranged, White makes the first move. White always makes the first move; this is important for notation, and any chess player will insist upon it. After White has made their move, Black will then make a move. The gameplay will continue in alternating fashion, White making a move, followed by Black.

General movement rules
• A move consists of moving a single piece, in accordance with its rules of movement, to a square that is unoccupied or occupied by an enemy piece.
• If a piece is moved onto a square occupied by an enemy piece, the latter piece is removed from play and the first piece replaces it. The removed piece is said to have been captured or taken.
• With the exception of the knight, no piece may make a move to a non-adjacent square unless all the intervening squares are vacant (pieces may not ‘jump over’ other pieces).Chess_ebook_sample_page
• No player may make a move that leaves their king in check (see below).
There are some exceptions to these rules, where a player’s turn can consist of two pieces moving (castling), where a piece moves to an unoccupied square but still captures (en passant capture), or where a piece moves to a square and becomes a different unit (promotion), all of which are covered below.

<End of sample text from Chess ebook>

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