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ISL Collective has possibly one of the largest collections of free editable English worksheets and English language educational material on the internet. With literally hundreds of thousands of editable English worksheets, presentations, and videos, there is something for ESL learners and English teachers and students everywhere. The worksheets are aimed at primarily English second language but are also suitable for English first language classes. These free ESL worksheets and lesson plans include many subjects such as grammar, reading comprehension, and many more. The topics are graded according to ESL level, and most carry a creative commons license however all are free for personal and classroom use.

Resources at ISL Collective formats are only available as word documents (doc and docx) and power point (ppt and pptx). While these are proprietary formats for MS Office they can be opened and created in many other non-proprietary software programs like OpenOffice for example. (We do hope they will consider the open formats odp, odt, and odg soon :-).

ISL Collective Sign-In: ISL does require a sign-in but it’s free and you can choose to stay signed-in. To make it even easier you can also sign up with your facebook or google account.

The link on this page is for the main ISL Collective page where you can download editable files, I will change this to “download editable” as soon as we get this function, bear with me. One can print all of the files to pdf of course, but since the original files are only uploaded as an editable (doc/ppt) file there can be variations in the versions users end up with.

Here are some of the categories ISL Collective includes on their site, but if you visit the site you can easily sort by level and many other items to pick the best ESL worksheets for your needs:

ISL Collective Main Categories

ISL Collective – ESL Worksheets master category

ISL Collective – ESL Powerpoints master category

ISL Collective – ESL Video Lessons master category

ISL Collective Resource Types

The subject areas and types are very diverse. The selection of “material type” has a wide range of choices (20+)  from traditional reading comprehension exercises, to games, crosswords, and flashcards to teacher development. The resources are further categorised with sort available in specific “Grammar Focus”, i.e grammar types, for example, nouns, tenses, punctuation, parts of speech etc., and “vocabulary focus”  or which is essentially a subject or topic matter choice, for example, dinosaurs or places or time. Both of these sections have a huge range of choices to help narrow down your search from the literally hundreds of thousands of worksheets available.

English Language Type: ISL has a wonderful sort feature that allows selection of the English language type, especially for teachers. This recognises the important differences from where the resource was created, most noticeably

ISL Collective Levels and Student Types

The ESL worksheets, printables, and resources at ISL Collective are graded into seven levels, Beginner (pre-A1), Elementary (A1), and Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1), and Proficient (C2.

The student type can also be sorted to cater for kindergarten, elementary school, high school, special needs students, or adult learners.

ISL Collective also has many other connections and resources for English teachers and students. The site is especially valuable to ESL teachers or those looking for international work and it’s a wonderful platform for teachers to give back by sharing their own work too.

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