ELA Activity Book Grade 1-2 OSBC Developing

The book contains 21 different grammar activities, each one of the 21 topics contains a Guided Practice (“GP”) exercise and an Activity Sheet (“AS”) exercise. These books can also make great ESL worksheets for upper beginners.

This ELA workbook is also has a partner parent guide (teaching guide), containing lesson plans for each activity, here: Grade 1-2 ELA Activity Book Developing Teachers Guide

This book was brought to us in creative commons, CC-BY-NC, by Open Schools BC.

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Contents from ELA Activity Book Grade 1-2

Sentences 1 (4)
Joining Sentences 5 (8)
Nouns 9 (12)
Proper and Common Nouns 15 (18)
Action Words (Verbs) 19 (22)
Verb Tense 15
Verbs Helpers 23 (26)
Writing Paragraphs 27 (30)
Capital Letters and Punctuation Review 29 (32)
Punctuation – Commas 35 (38)
Adding ing and ed to Root Words! 39 (42)
Plurals 41 (44)
Ownership (Possessives 45 (48)
Pronouns 49 (52)
When to Use a and an 51 (54)
Homonyms 53 (56)
Contractions 57 (60)
Compound Words 61 (64)
Writing Letters and Invitations 67 (70)
Alphabetical Order 75 (78)
Syllables 77 (80)
Adjectives 79 (82)
Adverbs 83 (86)
Prefixes and Suffixes 87 (90)

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