Le Paon qui voulait voler – Peacocks Tale French

This is a level 1 French book suited for children who want to learn how to read brought to us by Room to Read Licensed under creative commons.

Author: Deogratias Simba Illustrator: Shabani Hamidu

Text and Images from Le Paon qui voulait voler – Peacocks Tale French

Il s’entendait bien avec tous les autres oiseaux. Mais Tausi avait un rêve.

Plutôt que de picorer le sol, il voulait s’envoler vers des contrées lointaines.

end of sample – Peacocks Tale French

Le Paon qui voulait voler English Version below:

The Peacock Who Wished to Fly – The Peacocks Tale and how the peacock got it’s feathers. Tausi the Peacock live in peace with other birds, admiring how other birds can fly far and wanted to fly far also. But he cannot even fly far in order to collect food and the other birds mock him for it.

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