Me Tawk Funny – Heroes, villains, and a reason to study

Me Tawk Funny heroes and villains and talking dogIn, Me Tawk Funny, another well-told tale from Neil McFarlane, our main character finds a good reason to study in this tale of heroes and villains.

Would you think you were crazy if your dog suddenly started talking? Buster initially talks a bit funny, but slowly better and better. Then he starts going to school. A cute tale including a super villain – Professor Evil, and the masterful Captain Canine, who keeps biting him on the bottom. In the midst of it all buster and the events of the story inspire our main character Hector Dumble to be a better student, by trying harder and studying more, so as to fulfill his dreams.

By: Neil Roy McFarlane



Excerpt from Me Tawk Funny

Hector Dumble thought the name ‘Hector Dumble’ was a really dumb name
“Of course it isn’t,” said Mrs Dumble. “It’s a very cool name.”
“It’s not cool,” said Hector. “It’s dumb – just like me.”
“Don’t be silly Hector,” said Mrs Dumble. “You’re not dumb. You just need to study harder, that’s all.”

Hector was bottom of the class. One problem was his teacher Mr Weazel. Mr Weazel always seemed to be picking on Hector and making him do lines and giving him extra homework and making him stay behind class. Hector didn’t like Mr Weazel and it seemed that Mr Weazel didn’t like Hector.

Another problem was that Hector just didn’t want to study. He wanted to go outside and have fun. And what was it with all these exams anyway? It sometimes seemed to Hector that life was just one exam after another, an endless procession of exams stretching off into the future. Would they ever end?

You might think Hector was lazy but actually he was a very active boy. He wasn’t one of those kids who just likes to stay in and watch TV all the time. Hector liked to go out and ride a bike and kick a ball and go fishing and play with Buster and that kind of thing.

Buster was the Dumbles’ dog. Hector and his father had found him on a fishin trip one time. Buster had beed abandoned and was lying on the grass by the river. He was so hungry he couldn’t walk. His ribs were sticking out and he was the skinniest dog you ever saw in your life. Hector’s father didn’t think Buster would live but they carried him to the car and took him home anyway. They fed Buster and he soon put on weight and after a couple of weeks he was jumping around and fetching sticks just like any other dog.

Mrs Dumble said she didn’t want a dog because it was enough work lookinh after Hector and Mr Dumble and they weren’t going to keep Buster. But she changed her mind in the end because Buster was such a nice dog that she couldn’t help growing to like him. Everyone liked Buster

<end of excerpt>

About the Author: Neil Roy Mcfarlane

Neil Roy McFarlane is from the UK. He lived in Asia for over ten years and speaks passable Chinese. He writes in his spare time. He realized he wanted to be a writer when he was 8 years old, he fell in love with reading and thereby living in other worlds. He believes that a writer is a great puppeteer who can create worlds.

He would wake up at five in the morning and usually write for a couple of hours during weekdays before he goes to work. Then he would write some more when he is on the train to and from work using scraps of paper. He even uses train tickets and till receipts when he runs out of paper.


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