a record year for rain fall

A Record Year for Rainfall – A sketchbook made into a story featuring some nice items for geography and science lessons while reading. Author: Dave Marquesen       See more of these books below    


travel with me in my dreams

Travel With Me In My Dreams – A sketchbook story about imagination and travel. Also available in epub at the authors website. This book will surely open up young children’s imagination, As this book take them along to explore new imaginary places. By: Dave Marquesen Text and Images from Travel With Me In My Dreams I’m Mattie …

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zenyas trip to cape cross seal

In Zenya’s Trip, a little girl Zenya details an account of a family trip to Cape Cross Seal Colony. The book includes facts about Namibia, and about seals, including a non-fiction section at the end. The text in this book is designed as an experiment for new and struggling readers and those with dyslexia. It …

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tanias school picnic

Tania’s School Picnic – Tania and her friends are going on a school picnic exploring the Kanheri caves. Will they discover anything interesting? Another great free kids book from Kanika G By: Kanika G     Sample Text From Tania School Picnic: Tania’s School Picnic The children in Tania’s class at school were chattering excitedly. The …

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fairy circles

In Fairy Circles, a visit to the Namib Desert uncovers the mystery of fairy circles – that is, they remain mysterious! This is a magical tale of fairies and fairy circles in the Namibian desert, a collaboration between NaDEET and Free Kids Books, and all proceeds will go to NaDEET. Fairy Circles is a perfect …

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tania's safari adventure

Tania’s Safari Adventure – Tania goes on a family visit to Gir Forest National Park, find out about all the animals she saw there? Is it safe to get close to a lion in a Safari Park? Fortunately there are lots of other animals the lions are more interested in. Another great learning adventure with Tania …

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swift walker

Swift Walker, a little boy, always walks fast. One day, his feet won’t stop, and takes him on a fun adventure around he world. A fiction book, mixed with lots of geography facts. By: Verlyn Tarlton     Images from Swift Walker <end of sample> See more Classic Books below    

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annabella crabtree hunter free YA book

Annabella Crabtree and the djinni, Basil, are reunited when Hassan-i Sabbāh escapes imprisonment in the boiling mud of a Baluchistan volcano and embarks on a campaign of vengeance. To protect those closest to her, Annabella must return to the past to deal with him and finds herself embroiled in the Crusades. This is the second …

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The Day It Rained Fish – Imagine if it started raining, but not water, fish! Would it be a good thing or a bad thing? Find out in this short illustrated creative commons book from Storyweaver. This is a Level 2 free book created in Pratham’s 6 frame challenge, that is the story has only …

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handmade in india children's book

Handmade in India is a journal style book from an artist traveling through the Indian countryside. The writer paints the artisans she meets and the many items they make. The text includes lots of information about the people and culture in the countryside of India. The beautiful water colour illustrations and descriptive texts really take …

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