Zu groß! Zu klein! – Too Big! Too Small! German

Author: Lavanya Karthik Illustrator: Lavanya Karthik



Text and Images from Zu groß! Zu klein!


“Du bist zu GROSS!”

“Du kannst
nicht alleine
zur Schule gehen,
Shanu!”, sagt Papa.

“Du bist zu klein!”

“Du kannst nicht
im Kinderbett
schlafen, Shanu!”,
sagt Opa.

“Du bist zu GROSS!”


Shanu ist verwirrt.
Zu GROSS ! Zu klein !
Wie kann sie zugleich
zu klein sein?


<end of sample>

Zu groß! Zu klein! in English Version below

In Too Big! Too Small! Shanu finds she is too big or too small for so many things, then her family shows her what she is big enough and small enough to do. A growing-up story that tells about big and small in a friendly repetitive way, suitable for young children and early readers.

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