Arya in the Cockpit – Early Grade Non-fiction

An inspiring Level two story brought to us by Pratham children’s books and Storyweaver.

Author: Nandita Jayaraj
Illustrator: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya



Text and Images from Arya in the Cockpit

When she was four years old, she
wanted to be Rosamma.

Arya saw her at the circus.
Rosamma was a trapeze artist.

Arya wanted to fly in the air from swing to swing. Her clothes would glitter like Rosamma’s.
Hundreds of people would clap for her.

She would eat cotton candy every day.
Her best friend would be a clown.



Trapeze artists climb a tall ladder, stand on a narrow board,
hold the fly bar, and swing! Another trapeze artist is
usually waiting to catch them on the other side.

She made herself an orange space suit. She wore it day and night.

“Arya, aren’t you feeling hot in that suit?”

“Astronauts have to get used to the suit, Amma. Space is not as safe as Earth is. My suit will protect me.”

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