By: Emma Laybourn



Text and Images from Earthshaker

Chapter One

The earth shuddered.
Trees shook, dropping leaves on the tidy nest below.
The nest belonged to an iguanodon. As the eggs rolled around, their mother Brenda steadied them with a claw.

“What on earth?” she wondered.
Then, through the trees, appeared the biggest dinosaur she had ever seen. It was like a grey mountain on legs. It had a long, long, neck and a long, long tail.

“Who are you?” asked Brenda.
The long neck snaked towards her. Weak eyes in a little head gazed at her.
“I’m Seismosaurus,” said the enormous dinosaur, in a voice so tiny she could hardly hear it. “I’ve come to live here.”
“Sei – Seis – ” tried Brenda.
“It means Earthshaker,” said the dinosaur. “Call me Sizo if it’s easier.”
“Well, Sizo, could you please tiptoe?”
“All right,” whispered the dinosaur. He took two more steps.

Pteranodons fell out of the trees. A group of hadrosaurs began trumpeting in alarm.
George, the old triceratops, came to see what was going on.
“I can’t sleep for the noise,” he grumbled.
“It’s Sizo here,” said Brenda. “He’s a little bit, um, heavyfooted.”

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Comments 2

  • yes because i love dinasaurs

  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    A very nice, well written story, and nice to teach children about dinosaurs, about accepting differences and how being different can be a good thing.

    Patrick writes:
    We have a 4th grader who has to read at least 15 minutes per night, and we had run out of books here in the house for him to read, so we tried Earthshaker. It’s a very nice short story with words he can understand, and yet is slightly challenging, good for him to sound out words. Good story with morals. Recommended.


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