Chaos at Custard Castle – Dragons, and wizards, and things…

Chaos at Custard Castle Emma LaybournThe team at Custard Castle are back with more fun-filled adventure in another four stories.

Custard Castle has three hundred dusty rooms, and only seven people – not to mention a Thing that guards the treasure room…

There was the King, the Queen, and Princess Fifi.
There was Bella the maid, Jack the servant boy, and the Cook.
And then there was Wizard Watchit, who lived in the tallest tower, and did magic spells for the others.
However, he didn’t always get them right…

These four easy, humorous stories for younger children are perfect for reading aloud, or for confident readers to enjoy on their own.

Princess Fifi’s Frog: Fifi, desperate for a prince, kisses a frog from the moat, but is it really a frog?
The Surprising Storm: Wizard Watchit’s spells create some weird and wonderful weather…
Dragon Dilemma: The tiny dragon under the stairs has suddenly grown huge and fierce! What can the King do?
Spring Clean: Bella the maid finds a magic broom, she tries to clean but the broom has a mind of its own.

See another book from this series, The King of Custard Castle, here.

the king of custard castleThis fun elementary fiction book provides a great leisure or learning opportunity for elementary children. Emma encapsulates the essence of pure reading for joy in this book, while still providing a great resource for fiction exercises for elementary children learning to critique or studying creative writing styles and techniques.

A collection of four fun stories about the inhabitants of custard castle, including the King, the Queen, Princess Fifi, Wizard Watchit and his ghost, the maid, the cook, and the multi-tasked servant boy. All have exciting times, while learning important, subtle lessons.

About Emma Laybourn

Emma is a professional author, teacher, and librarian, with several children’s books published in the UK and US.

Emma Laybourne has a large collection of fun free books, see all the other books on Free Kids Book by Emma Laybourne or check out her website, Mega Mouse Books.


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